Standys 10 Commandments

1. ALWAYS continue drinking to avoid a hangover.
2. A cheeky shot before bed and when you wake up leaves you feeling refreshed and sexy.
3. Don’t worry about exams, there’s always re-sits.
4. Sims is THE best way to spend an evening when you have a test the next day.
5. If you wake up in your clothes (shoes and socks included) from the night before, you’re ready for the day ahead.
6. If a gaming keyboard comes in the post, claim it is your friends.
7. If you do manage to make it to a lecture, spend your time playing bloons tower defence V.
8. Observe the Sabbath day, to keep it holy, as the LORD your God commanded you.
9. Every man should snort protein.
10. AND remember; you can ALWAYS fit in more than one a day (my average is 7.)